Hey, there. I'm Michelle.

My journey began in April 2011, when I moved from Philly to Pocahontas County, West Virginia to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA. While there, I started to really miss my music buddies back home and decided to make a fan site about one of my favorite bands from a pro-fandom, pro-vulnerability perspective in order to connect with other music-lovin' folks around the world. That quickly turned into another fan site about another one of my favorite singer-songwriters, and both became wildly popular.


From there, I started doing interviews, and one of them was even featured on the front page and in the e-newsletter of No Depression at a time when all they had was an online presence. I kept up my fan sites and started writing for some music blogs, with Nine Bullets and The Vinyl District being "the regulars." During that time, I especially became known for my interviews, my ability to connect people (I gained a reputation for being a sort of "social glue"), and influencing what people listened to. This then inspired me to finish my degree in Music Industry.


While I was finishing college, I worked doing freelance publicity/PR for independent musicians and PR firms, honed my writing and social media chops, planned and executed music events, and met the love of my life. Along the way, I discovered how hard it is for musicians out there to get noticed and to find the time to do the things that help them get their music out there, like managing their social media and pitching media outlets. I realized I could really help them if I started my own business, so I did. 

On a more personal note, I am a doggie mama to Joey the Maltese and Maggie the Shih Tzu mix, a cat mom to Jerm the senior kitty with special needs, and a wife to a head-banging bass player in three bands - so, you know, I get it. I currently live in central Kentucky, but I've lived in lots of different places within the U.S. and road-tripped to countless shows. Who knows, we may have even crossed paths at some point. Would love to find out!



All phone calls, video calls, and local meetings are by appointment only.


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