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What kind of placements can you get for me?
In my experience, digital placements get the independent musician the best shot at coverage and in a timely manner.
I specialize in acquiring thoughtful pieces (read: very few click-bait type articles) by local and regional digital placements, like blogs, websites, Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, online versions of newspapers and magazines, podcasts, and online events calendars.
I also have good relationships with some national and international online press outlets. However, those are not my main specialty. (If you are looking for heavier, more widespread national press, email me at for some recommendations.)
When someone Googles your band or name, what comes up? If it's nothing or very little, we can work on improving that together.
So you don't do print placements at all?
Nope, just the digital placements I mentioned above. Online publicity is faster, tends to hang around online longer, is more widely read than print, and can even help your Google rankings.
What kinds of online placements have you gotten before?
My list of contacts is long. But to give you an idea, here are just a few notable online outlets that have featured my clients in the past:
- American Songwriter
- No Depression
- Saving Country Music
- Adobe and Teardrops
- Dust of Daylight (international)
- Farce the Music
- W.B. Walker's Old Soul Radio Show
- Capture Kentucky
- Americana Highways
- Kentucky Country Music
- Wick's Picks/Big Blue Tunes
Can you guarantee the number of placements you can get for me?
No, and unless you're dealing with a big (or bigger)-time music PR agency charging two-to-10 times as much I do, I don't think anyone can honestly say that they can. There are a lot of variables, after all.
By hiring a publicist, you are paying for the effort I make on your behalf (like how many albums I sent out and what the responses were, even if they were negative or nothing came of them), not the amount of placements I was able to get for you or the amount of albums you sold (though it can help sometimes). 
Remember, the goal of publicity is to raise awareness of you, your story, and your music in the press. Publicity is a marathon, not a sprint, and you just never know how and when my efforts will pay off not just in the immediate future but also months and even years down the line. 
What I can guarantee, though, is that I will work my butt off for you to try to get as much good coverage as I possibly can.
Can you help me with my social media? What about my website?
Yup, just check out my Services section for what I can do for you.
P.S. I made this website using Wix. I can make you one with Wix or Bandzoogle.
Can you tell me more about yourself and your experience?
Sure, just head on over to my About Me. It's all there. You can also hear from my clients by checking out their Testimonials.
Do you work with a contract?
Yes, always, with no exceptions. Contracts protect us both. 
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, I do. Unlike most agencies, which require payment in full each month, I will split the cost of my services each month into two payments, depending on the total cost of the service(s):
  • For totals $400 and over: 50% of the project rate is due in full up front, and 50% is due halfway through the project. This ensures that the work you hired me to do is never interrupted.
  • For totals $399 or less, payment is due in full before the start of the project.
  • For monthly retainers, you will be billed the 1st and the 15th of every month.
Payment details and a Statement of Work are outlined in every contract.
Who have you worked with?
I'm proud to say I've helped some incredible talents with their publicity efforts and/or social media, some of whom you are bound to recognize:
  • Tyler Childers
  • Ian Thornton, Whizzbang Booking and Management
  • John R. Miller and The Engine Lights
  • Todd Burge
  • Wayne Graham
  • William Matheny
  • Chelsea Nolan
  • Dan Conn
  • Rhyan Sinclair
  • Lucero's management, 7S
  • Short & Company
  • Caleb Caudle
  • Matt Woods
  • When Particles Collide
  • Adam Lee
  • Larry Fulford
  • Madison Lewis
  • Mike Wheeler
  • Jeremy Squires
  • Stephen Lee
  • Those Crosstown Rivals
  • Kristopher James
  • RJ Comer
  • Signal Flow PR (I worked on such accounts as Rick Steff, Roy Berry, Amy LaVere, John Paul Keith, John Kilzer, Zigadoo Moneyclips, Faith Evans Ruch, Stephen Chopek, Caleb Sweazy, and others)
  • And more


All phone calls, video calls, and local meetings are by appointment only.


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